We love our Nigerian Dwarf goats and it shows!


     Located in Culpeper, Virginia, Ground Rush Farm is proud to raise Nigerian Dwarf Goats.  Our goals for our herd are health, productivity and correct conformation.  We set a high standard of excellence is our herd and strive to meet it!      


Ground Rush Farm is a family-friendly farm.  Raising our Nigerians is a family operation, everybody has a niche to fill.  We take great pride in the quality of our goats and the quality of their care.   Managing a successful registered herd requires honesty, knowledge, skill, hard work and patience.  Managing a successful registered herd also requires humor, friendship, sportsmanship and FUN!  Our goats inspire our family and our family friends!  We appreciate their talents and hope you enjoy some of their creative expressions sprinkled throughout our website. We proudly support 4-H Dairy Goat Projects.     


Breeder Support: 

 Purchasing a Ground Rush goat assures our breeder support.  Whether you are interested in a pet goat, family milker or show quality goats we offer support before and after your purchase. 

Herd Health:

 Our Ground Rush Farm was tested for CAE (Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis virus) , and is free of TB and Brucellosis.   We are also enrolled in the voluntary Scrapie eradication program.  We take great pride in the quality of our goats and the quality of their care. 



 We enjoy busy lives at Ground Rush Farm. Our family, like many families today raising children, is involved in many outside activities (school, art, music, soccer, volleyball, - just to name a few!).  YES we milk!  We found milking our Nigerians to be a wonderful family activity that slows us down, grounds our kids and teaches a wonderful work ethic.  Not to mention the wonderful milk, cheese, ice-cream and fudge we produce from our milk.  Ground Rush Farm also produces all of our own eggs.  

Farm name? 

 Skydiving was a passion for our parents, Gene and Lynne, for many, many years.  In fact they actually met and shared their first kiss in the air!  Ground Rush is the term used to describe the sensation of free falling at 120 mph toward the earth.  As you look down, the ground is rushing toward you - an incredible exciting sensation!  Now year's later we share a different Ground Rush, with our family and animals on the farm!  Our stewardship of the land and our commitment to family, friends and the Culpeper community keeps us firmly on the ground! 

Josie Kritter (manager) 540-219-2671    

Email:   jozkritter@aol.com  


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